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Are you looking for the most trusted career counsellor Chandigarh has? Do you have the ultimate dream to study in UK? One of the most popular places for Indian students to pursue education in abroad is the United Kingdom. Today, a sizable portion of students choose to pursue their higher education abroad and most of them are keenly interested in winning scholarships for international students. Some of the greatest and most eminent institutes in the world, offering a wide range of programmes, courses and study abroad scholarships are located in the UK.

We would all agree with the fact that the UK has an exemplary educational system that is well-respected worldwide and does offer great scholarships for international students. There is a lot more that international education offers beyond academics and when it comes to international education, UK is certainly the epitome.  Beyond excellence in education, the United Kingdom offers the unparalleled opportunities to interact with people from various cultures, acquire new languages, and attain significant knowledge that adds greatly to an individual’s personality.  This very much explains why a large proportion of Indian students aspire to study in UK. There are ample scholarships in UK for Indian students to win but it’s the lack of awareness that can make a great opportunity go in vain. This is where Silver Fern Education Consultants come into the picture, to help you fulfil your dream of getting study abroad scholarships. We are there to bridge the gap of information, awareness and other aspects between you and your dream to study in UK. 

For you to study abroad or more specifically, attain the best scholarships for abroad study there are a number of considerations to be thought about. These include a suitable programme, location, investigating the prices, being familiar with the nation and a lot more. At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we offer students a stepwise guidance and assistance in finding the right programmes, the best institutions and everything else that makes a substantial difference in helping students accomplish their dream of acquiring education in abroad. 

The Silver Fern Team holds credible experience and expertise in assisting students in getting top notch study abroad scholarships from the best institutions across the world. You would be amused to know that there are many scholarships in UK for Indian students that you can aim for. To help you further build on your knowledge of scholarships, given below is a simple classification of study abroad scholarships that you ought to know. 

  1. CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP: It is a fully financed scholarship provided by the British government for postgraduate studies to students who have strong leadership qualities in addition to strong academic records. Along with the tuition, it also includes the expense of travel and living. Having said that, this is one of the most sought after scholarships for study abroad. Silver Fern Education Consultants offers the most reliable guidance on this class of academic scholarships. So, if you ever wonder how to get scholarships for study abroad, you know who can help you the best!
  2. COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS: The UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) offers fully financed fellowship with the purpose of helping students from developing or Commonwealth nations to study in UK. This scholarship is given out to about 800 students each year making it one of the most popular scholarships for international students to study in UK.
  3. RHODES SCHOLARHSIP AT UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD: It is one of the most renowned study abroad scholarships in the world and one of the oldest. Interestingly, this scholarship provides a salary and tuition coverage for the first two to three years. About 100 students receive this award each year and for them, it is certainly a life transforming opportunity. 
  4. BRITISH COUNSIL: It provides students with a broad spectrum of scholarships for international students, including the GREAT Scholarship programmes and the Study UK Scholarship Program. They offer scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral education in the UK.
  5. UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX CHANCELLOR’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS: These are offered for major Sussex Schools and given to students based on their academic success. With this scholarship, students can receive a 50% discount on their international tuition fees for a full academic year. This makes it one of the most appealing scholarships in UK for Indian students. 

Many Universities also provide their own scholarships to Indian students who want to study in the UK. However, knowing the types of study abroad scholarships is not enough. What is more important to know is how to get scholarships for study abroad and this is where Silver Fern Education Consultants are always there to guide you! You can speak with one of our knowledgeable counsellors at Silver Fern Education Consultants to learn more about scholarships and improve your chances of receiving one so that you can fulfil your dream to study in UK. 

What you also need to understand that education in abroad or getting one of the most prestigious scholarships for abroad study is not only about your academics or grades. You need a strong and holistic profile to make a claim for the kind of eminent study abroad scholarships mentioned above. Again, this is where Silver Fern comes across as one of the best educational consultants in India because we can also help you substantially to build a profile that can impress officers taking decisions on awarding scholarships to make a decision in your favour. Whether it is profile building for MBA or for any other course you wish to get a scholarship in, we are there for you. 

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