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About the Country


The United States of America Encompasses 50 States


The Capital of the United States of America is Washington DC


With a GDP of $26,954 Billion, the USA is the Richest Country in the World


The USA Also Has the Highest Per Capita GDP in the World ($ 80,410)


The Official Currency of the USA is the US Dollar


The Population of the Country is 335.8 Million


There are About 1.06 Million International Students in the USA


International Students Account for 5.6 Percent of the Total US Population


Reasons for Choosing to Study in USA

7 of the top 10 universities in the world as per Times Higher Education Rankings are in the USA. The likes of Stanford, Yale, Harvard and MIT lead the way when it comes to global education. So, can there be a bigger reason for wanting to study in USA? The US extends an opportunity to international students to study at premier universities. Speaking of the best in the US, by default it is the IVY League Universities that take the limelight.

However, besides IVY League institutions too, there are some world-class universities and colleges in USA. These include the Public IVYs, UCs, Duke University, Purdue University and so on. The list is inexhaustive! From engineering to medicine and management, there’s a premier university in the US for each discipline.

Each of these institutions is known for its best-in-class research and technological infrastructures that produce nothing short of excellence. Most of these universities are also quite generous with study abroad scholarships.

Having studied at a top-notch university in the US, you are likely to get recognition anywhere in the world. If study-abroad destinations were brands, the USA would certainly be the most sought-after one! However, top US universities are also the hardest to get into. As a part of your profile building endeavor, you must commit to holistic development to have the prerequisite edge


Speaking of work opportunities and part-time jobs, it does matter that the US is the largest world economy. In the world’s largest economy, there will certainly be a plethora of part-time jobs and post-study work opportunities. Further, the USA has the highest per-capita GDP in the world which implies that wages are the highest in the USA.

So, in the US, you can supplement quality education with worthwhile opportunities to work. Moreover, in the US, there is also a provision of Optional Practical Training. OPT allows international students to work in the USA during or after the completion of their studies. Usually, the OPT is for a year but for STEM students, it is extendable up to 3 years.

It is also notable that the strategic cooperation between India and the USA has deepened significantly in recent times. Furthermore, the future of India-USA bilateral relations seems bright. This will be in the favour of Indian students in the US, providing them with a sense of security.

Thus, the number of Indian students migrating to the USA has increased by 35% as compared to last year. Evidently, more and more international students are now moving to the US to claim the opportunities on offer. To summarize, if you want to harvest the most holistic benefits of studying abroad, the US is the place to be in.

Cost of Studying and Living in USA

The average tuition fee in the USA for international students is $26000 to $30000 per year. This figure is relevant to public colleges and universities in the United States of America. Speaking of private institutions, the average yearly tuition fee will be well more than $45000.

The tuition fee hence, varies substantially as per the program and choice of institution. Notably, a large number of US universities and colleges offer study abroad scholarships as already mentioned.

Furthermore, living costs for international students in the USA lie between $1500 to $1800 per month. If we look at it annually, it will be $18000 to $21000 roughly. However, it cannot be stated with exactitude as costs will vary from one state to another. New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC are the most expensive cities in the USA.


Top Universities in USA

Admission Requirements to Study in USA

  • 1. A Valid Passport

  • 2. Academic Transcripts

  • 3. Statement of purpose

  • 4. Letters of recommendation

  • 5. Essays

  • 6. English Proficiency Test Scores

  • 7. SAT/ACT/LSAT Scores

  • 8. Funds

  • 9. Extracurricular Activities

  • 10. Community Service

  • 11. Resume/ Academic CV

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