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Making Scholarship Applications

Making Scholarship Applications - Get Professional Help From Experts

It is quite a misconception that studying abroad is always an expensive affair. Factually, almost every reputed university worldwide offers study abroad scholarships for international students. However, the mannerism in which scholarships are granted is subject to change from one university to another.


Common categories of scholarships for Indian students include the following:

  • Admission Based Scholarships (Automatic)
  • Application Based Scholarships
  • Merit Based Scholarships
  • Profile Based Scholarships
  • Transfer Scholarships
  • Special Scholarships

Different universities/colleges have offer different categories of scholarships to international students. Also, different universities have their specific benchmark criteria for students to be eligible for study abroad scholarships


Our counselors keep a constant track of all scholarship opportunities on offer. We work extensively on students’ profiles to make them eligible for merit based and profile based scholarships.

Quite recently one of our students bagged a scholarship worth 80000 CAD from the University of British Columbia. To mention, the University of British Columbia is the second best university in Canada and among the top 50 worldwide. This is just one of the countless student success stories facilitated by Silver Fern Education Consultants.

Given our ample experience in tertiary education and the fact we represent 450-plus institutions, we know exactly what universities seek. Our knowledge of what the top universities are looking for in student applicants is completely clear.

We know which skills and which verticals of experiential learning stand out the most in a student’s scholarship application. Henceforth, we tailor high school students’ learning in a way that they can attain international scholarships.


Be it the top universities in Canada, the US, the UK or Australia, they are all generous with scholarships. Whether you want to study in Canada or study in the UK, there are ample international scholarships for Indian students. Even the USA is very generous with overseas scholarship opportunities.

The key however is to have the right knowledge and understanding of prerequisites while putting in a scholarship application. The key is to identify the right opportunity timely and apply timely. 15 years and counting, we have consistently bridged that gap of information between top-ranked universities and students/parents.

Our teams make sure that no student misses a chance to avail a study abroad scholarship. We have expert teams for all study destinations that keep a constant watch on admission and scholarship deadlines.

They pass constant information on all kinds of scholarships offered to international students by a university or college. The information is further passed to students and parents without any delay. Our teams stay two steps ahead of the process so that you can stay a step ahead too!

Speaking of profile based scholarships, our counselors are committed to incremental value addition to each student’s profile. From the first career counseling session, our counselors emphasize the need to mark an early start to embracing holistic development.

Our career counselors work closely with students to help them evolve holistically to create a strong overall profile. Our students receive constant guidance and mentoring in incrementally unlocking their true potential and building a versatile personality.

The bottom line is the stronger and more versatile a student’s profile the greater the avenues for profile based scholarships. It’s our everyday endeavor to empower students to put up a genuine claim to the most prestigious overseas scholarships. In fact, this is one of the key objectives of our profile building and profile enhancement services.

Listed below are the common parameters that can optimize a scholarship application

  • Competitive GPA/CGPA
  • Extracurricular & Cocurricular Activities Displaying Progression
  • Consistency in Volunteering & Community Work
  • Internships/Job Shadowing In Relevant Academic Fields
  • Diversification in Skills
  • Impressive Scholarship Essays
  • Published Research Work
  • Diversification in Skills
  • Certifications
  • Achievements
  • Projects/Passion Projects

Thinking how you will be able to give your child the above dimensions of exposure in high school? Well, why worry at all? You can leave it to our career counselors and mentors to enhance your ward’s profile in the direction of bagging international scholarships. You can rely on our proficient, professional and personalized profile building services.

The student success stories we have scripted over the years have been outcomes of efficient career counseling and profile enhancement. These are stories of empowered students making it to their dream universities with handsome international scholarships.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the next step too! From shortlisting universities and colleges for your child to making scholarship applications, we will do it all for you. We will make sure that we identify the right scholarship opportunities for you and apply timely with all procedures. We have a global credibility to brag about when it comes to education and overseas consultancy.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your first step towards creating a roadmap for your child to stand a chance to win a prestigious scholarship!

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