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Profile Building & Enhancement

Our Commitment to Help Students Evolve Holistically

A few questions before we proceed!

  • Does your child have the traits of an emerging change leader?
  • Have you explored ample horizons of holistic development for your child?
  • Have you empowered your child enough to take the global stage?
  • Does your child have a worthwhile scholarship profile?

We ask the above questions because the world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The world is becoming increasingly skill-oriented and individuals are now looked at from the lens of holistic development. The prerequisites for success now go much further than academics alone. We are diligently committed to passing this knowledge to students and parents.


Whether it is about getting accepted to the top global universities or top MNCs, the game is changing. The sphere of education as well as the job markets are more dynamic than ever. Impressive SOPs and attractive resumes do not suffice if your child’s ambitions are extraordinary. With 15 years of tertiary education experience, we can say that with authority!

Yes, it is the overall profile and personality of an individual that determine academic and career success in contemporary times! It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time and staying relevant to concurrent trends. This is where career counseling and profile building comes into the picture. Let’s try and understand this through an example.

Let’s say your ward wants to pursue a bachelor of engineering at one of the IVY League universities. Let’s say the preferred specialization is computer science. Now, your child may have exceptional grades all through his or her high school years.

But does your child have the following?

  • Practical exposure relevant to computer science
  • Relevant internship experience
  • The flair of a dynamic leader
  • The traits of an entrepreneur
  • Strong soft skills and hard skills
  • A tangible passion project
  • Extraordinary co-curricular activities

If not, how do you expect the child to get through a miserly acceptance rate at IYV League institutions? Typically, only 4 to 5 students per 100 applicants make it to IVY League Universities!


Profile building is a rational, well-structured and research-oriented process of nourishing a student’s overall personality. Our profile building endeavors are aimed at students’ personalized development coherent with their unique academic and professional goals.

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, profile building takes a systematic, step-wise and incremental approach. The profile-building objectives that we endorse are synonymous with holistic and inclusive development. We encourage high school students to start their holistic development journeys timely to stay ahead of the competition.

Primarily, our proficient career counselors engage with each student to get a comprehensive picture of their career aspirations. This is done in an entirely conducive environment encouraging students to be vocal about their aspirations, thoughts and goals. Next, students can take a psychometric assessment to gauge their abilities, aptitudes and interests.

When a student in agreement with parents decides on an academic and career goal, customized profile building gets underway. Our counselors put in elaborate research, vision, and understanding of a student’s strengths to create unique timelines. While a timeline is the starting point of profile building, our counselors commit to consistent profile enhancement.

Each student gets individualized mentorship suited to a learning methodology most relevant to them. From academic development to experiential learning and skill enhancement, every minute detail is worked on.

The end goal is to optimize a student’s personality and CV to the extent that opportunities come galore.


Profile Building Dimensions We Embrace

  • Subject-Oriented Academic Development
  • Enhancement of Leadership Aptitude
  • Engagement in Community Service Activities
  • Experiential Learning via Internships/Job Shadowing
  • Development of Entrepreneurial Aptitude
  • Extracurricular Development
  • Reading Beyond Textbook
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Personal Branding
  • Essay Writing Skills
  • Test Preparation
  • Technological Advancement
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Networking

So, our career counselors smartly combine the above 14 dimensions to create a blueprint for your child’s holistic development. Our career counseling and profile enhancement endeavors empower your child to outperform their peers on the global stage. It gives your child the edge to make it to universities like Harvard University, Yale University et cetera.

Additional Initiatives We Take For Students’ Profile Enhancement:

  • Mentoring students for MUNs/PDCs
  • Mentoring students in vital life skills
  • Mentoring students in key employability skills
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial aptitude
  • Conducting mock interviews
  • Peer/reverse mentoring sessions
  • Social media profile enhancement
  • Developing passion projects
  • Creating community service experiences
  • Internship fairs & industrial partnerships
  • Representative visits by top universities

Thousands of students have felt that realistic change in their personalities through their profile building journeys with us. They have witnessed an incremental enhancement in their confidence, career awareness, exposure and skillset. They have been able to attain the crucial experiential learning that facilitates excellence.

A plethora of them are studying at top universities across the globe today and that too with handsome scholarships. It is for you to realize as a parent that you need to nurture opportunities for wholesome development for your child. You need to encourage them to defy their comfort and diversify their skills and exposure with consistency and progression.

Remember, Silver Fern Education Consultants exhibits a unique, innovative and credible sense of profile building. Let your child dream big while we nurture that dream in a highly professional manner. With 15-plus years of experience in tertiary education, we exactly understand what top universities want.

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