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Career Counseling & Mentoring

To Realize & Facilitate The Right Career Path For You

Let’s ponder upon some questions!

  • How sure are you about your career dreams and goals?
  • Have you researched the growth prospects of your dream career?
  • Which career is best aligned with your personality/interests?
  • Will a popular career be relevant 5 years from now?
  • Why do so many people regret their career decisions later?
  • Why do so many people look up to career guidance?

The more you engage in finding answers to these questions the more confusing it gets. The more confusing it gets the more you realize the importance of career counseling!

As the world progresses forward, new career avenues are opening up at a rampant pace. Gone are the days when career options were limited to being a doctor, engineer, lawyer or accountant. In the contemporary world, unconventional careers have gained equal traction if not more.

Today, blogging, brand management, business analytics, therapy et cetera are full-time careers. Given the ongoing technical revolution, the future will open even more career avenues.

Having said that, with a plethora of careers to choose from, the task of narrowing down can be hard. Moreover, it is equally important for students to commit to career paths inclined to their ability, aptitude and interest.

This is where career counseling and mentorship become indispensable for high school students. Effective career guidance is highly essential for students in a dynamically changing world.

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we believe in being mentors first and then consultants. Our motto of empowering students to become global leaders is naturally reinforced in all our processes and operations. At the heart of empowering students lies our professional and proficient career counseling and mentoring

Expert counselors at Silver Fern Education Consultants help students and parents create holistic career blueprints. We are committed to providing credible information to parents and students on quality higher education. We are committed to empowering students to become global leaders. This empowerment is best done via credible career guidance.

We are diligently determined to facilitate the transition of students’ career dreams into reality. In our journey of tertiary education mentorship, we have assisted thousands of students in streamlining their career decisions. At the same time, we have garnered the goodwill of thousands of parents who entrusted us with their wards’ futures.

The career counseling offered by expert counselors at Silver Fern Education Consultants moves through systematic logic. The first session is aimed at rapport-building and understanding a student’s or parent’s vision regarding the future. Our counselors invest sincere understanding to gauge the career paths that students and parents envisage.

After understanding the unique ambition of every student, our counselors extend credible and relevant information. This knowledge of each career encompasses the following.

  • Academic Path to a Career Option
  • The Prerequisite Exposure
  • Corresponding Skills and Expertise
  • Dynamics of the Current Job Market
  • Future Scope of a Career Option

Further, our counselors shed light on appropriate study programs and the most prestigious institutions to excel in a career. Our career counselors help students and parents visualize the entire career trajectory of each career brought to discussion.


Our career counseling is not restricted to facilitating career choices. The larger objective is to build a wholesome roadmap for career success that is unique to each student. Our counselors pass credible information with consistency so that our students always remain a step ahead of their peers.

Besides, we encourage students to not limit themselves to their predetermined career paths. This is where effective knowledge sharing and career guidance play such a key role. When students are made to realize their true abilities, aptitude and interests, career goals may completely change!

It happens often that students base their career goals on their friends’ career goals or career hyped on social media. A lot of students feel attracted to perceptions people draw around popular careers. However, our seasoned career counselors mentor students in differentiating perception from potential.

It is for career counselors to help students and parents determine career paths that are highly relevant. It is for career counselors to put students’ career dreams to a reality check in the best interest of students. The focus is on relevance!

This relevance is measured in terms of each child’s unique aptitude, mental ability, personality type and interests. Simply put, the greater the cohesion between career goals and cognitive abilities or aptitude the brighter the prospects for success.

In facilitating this recognition of a student’s intrinsic capabilities and aptitude, our counselors exhibit the highest order of professionalism. Their vast experiences supplemented by psychometric assessment ensure that students are not making career choices driven by perception alone.

Rather, our career counselors mentor students to set measurable career goals that are best aligned with their abilities and interests. In our career counseling, we always look to go the extra mile to facilitate students’ success.


In case there is a healthy debate between career options, our counselors weigh the pros and cons of each alongside future scope. So, what are you waiting for? Book your free career counseling session now!

What next after a student has finalized a specific career path? Does a career counselor’s work come to an end here? Well, at Silver Fern Education Consultants, certainly not! After our career counselors have mentored students to make an informed decision, students can avail our profile building services.

Our systematic and logical profile building is centered around holistic mentorship as a key stage of career counseling. As a part of our profile building endeavors, our mentors craft personalized timelines for each student. Each timeline is streamlined to holistic development with an emphasis on career specific skills, exposure and achievements.

Eventually, by the time a student completes high school, they attain the right knowledge, exposure and confidence to excel in their career aspirations. Further, we also assist students with study abroad opportunities as a part of our commitment to end-to-end student services.

Career counseling is only the starting point of a student’s journey! However, our assistance accompanies students even when they step into the real professional world.

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