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The nature of work in Australia, whether full time or part time, is such that once employed, an individual can cover a number of costs due to the equality of pay and compensation for hard work that the country has imbibed as a professional ethos. However, for the purpose of this blog, we will specifically look at part time jobs in Australia available for young Indian students alongside their courses to gain exposure and manage their daily expenses in a better manner. 

Firstly, we are well aware of the fact that studying in Australia can be quite expensive due to the high standards of living and tuition costs. However, if a student is smart and prepared in their decision making, then they can easily cover these expenses and even fund their education themselves through the right part time jobs opportunity. While scholarships and grants are quite difficult to secure, a part time jobs in Australia is relatively much easier to obtain and fulfils the dual purpose of professional exposure and monetary security. 

The Australian student visa allows students to work for 20 hours every week or 40 hours fortnightly which is quite a substantial amount of time. The amount that a student can get paid during this time can easily cover for food, transport and accommodation expenses if managed prudently. The three key requirements for Indian students to find high paying part time jobs in Australia are good communication skills, having the right networking channels and keeping a constantly updated CV at hand. 

Once you ensure that you meet the minimum requirements of advertised posts, let’s look at a few ways through which you can apply for a job.

  1.  References: The university or institute at which you are studying is possibly the best chance to secure part time jobs. All a student needs to do is visit the university’s student department or career services cell and sign up for current or future opportunities depending upon their interest and availability. Moreover, lecturers, university staff or other students readily have opportunities and all students need to do is ask for the right references.
  2. Online Job Advertisements: Some of the most popular and effective job portals in Australia are Seek and CareerOne which are streamlined to an unimaginable threshold. Students can find hundreds of filters and thousands of job search criteria thus enabling each student to find part time job of their choice. 
  3. On Campus Employment: A university campus is a large place and has an ecosystem of its own. It requires a number of employees in terms of librarians, computer technicians, baristas, executive assistants and ambassadors for its smooth functioning and posts are advertised every week if not everyday. So, as long as students remain vigilant and maintain an updated CV, there is nothing more convenient than an On Campus job to take care of your expenses, reach class on time and make new friends. 

With the manner of searching for jobs out of the way, let’s look at some of the highest paying part time jobs currently available in the Australian market fine tuned to Indian student’s preferences. Besides that, for a better understanding of the economic prospects in Australia, you can go through the PESTLE Analysis of Australia 

  1. Tutor: Indian students are renowned for their academic prowess not just in Australia but also around the world. They have some of the highest GPA during their programs and in their previous education thus making them very qualified to become personal tutors. Students can take on tutoring responsibilities either privately or in groups and their expertise will not go unrewarded. Clients may include younger students, peers or even senior students depending on your level of knowledge of a particular subject.

Average Pay: AUD 25-30 per hour

  1. Personal Training: On the other end of the spectrum is the position of a personal training best suited for athletic or fitness oriented students that have a strong background in sports or gyming. While a professional certification may be required in specific posts, usually, a student can contact a local gym or health club and if they meet their entry requirements, this part time job can be rewarding and enjoyable in equal parts.  

Average Pay: AUD 20-35 per hour

  1. Head Server: Probably one of the most challenging and fruitful jobs that a student can secure on this list is that of a Head Server in Australia. Indian students are quite popular for such jobs due to their organisational skills and penchant for multitasking. Job responsibilities on an average day of work would include staff training, handling menus, seating guests and overall customer satisfaction. Besides, working at busy restaurants or hotels is always an enjoyable experience as students can meet new people and build networks. 

Average Pay: AUD 25-30 per hour

  1. Travel Consultant: Tourism forms one of the most important pillars of the Australian economy and with so many businesses already established or in the process of doing so, they are in constant need of individuals who can communicate fluently and have a certain warmth about them. The job involves talking to people, paying attention to detail and making relevant suggestions after doing your homework, all of which are qualities quite prevalent even in the average Indian student. 

Average Pay:   AUD 30-35 per hour/Sales & Incentive Based

  1. Freelancer: Freelancing is an excellent option for business, I.T., commerce, marketing or advertising students and they can employ the skills they learn in the classroom into a practical environment. If you wish to establish your own business one day, then this role suits you perfectly. Students need to pick a skill they are excellent at and advertise it or look for jobs which require it. Such skills may range from content development, web development, programming, graphic designing or counselling. The best thing about a freelancing role is that almost every industry or business requires the services of one and students are not bound to time constraints and can take on work suiting their schedules.

Average Pay: AUD 20-25/Skill & Industry Based

Hence, keeping these jobs and average pay scales in view, a student can easily earn anywhere between $60-65,000 annually while keeping their grades high at their universities.Having said that, we at Silver Fern Education Consultants always encourage students to keep their academic commitments as their foremost priority and once they have their routines and study schedules in order, there is no harm in engaging in part time jobs to gain professional experience. The crucial factor is to be smart about your choices and always be on the lookout for opportunities suiting your skills.

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