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Creating Innumerable Visa Success Stories

If you wish to ensure your study visa success, you must only trust the experts. Who are the experts? We are the experts! With a visa success rate of 93% to complement 15 years of experience, we’ve redefined credibility. More than 21000 students have received their study visas through us.


Our expertise in overseas education and facilitating study visas is proven for all major study abroad destinations. These countries include the following:

  • Canada
  • The United States of America
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Dubai

Our visa success rate for Canada is 99 percent! Thousands of students have successfully acquired their Canadian student visas through our study permit application services. Even if you have a previous visa refusal history and are still hellbound to study in Canada, reach out to us now!


Besides, our visa success for other countries like the UK, the USA and Australia is also higher than market standards. We can say the same for New Zealand, Dubai and Ireland with equal confidence.

We have country-specific teams for all of the above-mentioned countries. They work relentlessly to ensure a student is thoroughly guided through the study visa process. Our teams oversee the entire application process maintaining transparency at all times. Also, they constantly enhance their knowledge of visa procedures so that no student is at a loss.

A dedicated counselor and visa filing officer are designated to each student for individual attention and enhanced efficiency. Moreover, our teams make certain that students meet all application requirements timely keeping every deadline in mind.


A systematic approach to visa filing is critical to visa success in a dynamically changing overseas education market. Be it Canada or other countries, the visa norms are becoming more stringent and demand greater caution. Hence, you should only get help from credible and reliable experts.

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we help students envisage their entire study abroad journey from an informed perspective. More importantly, we assist students at every step of the entire trajectory. Each student’s study visa success is equally important to us as we foster a personal relationship with every student.

Get in touch with our counselors now before it's too late! To reiterate, we are also happy to take refusal cases.

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