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Summer/Winter School Applications

Unlock New Learning Horizons

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we firmly believe that nothing empowers a student as much as experiential learning. While experiential learning comes in various forms, summer or winter school programs offer avenues of holistic learning. If you ask us, what is that one breakthrough for students to avail study abroad scholarships, this could be it!

Henceforth, the objective of continuous research on wholesome summer/winter school programs worldwide is paramount to our profile building efforts. Our students receive personalized recommendations on summer/winter school programs that are best aligned with their career ambitions.


Throughout the year, the top universities in India and abroad conduct virtual as well as residential summer/winter schools. Most usually, these programs last between 1 to 2 weeks and can be easily incorporated into students’ summer/winter break schedules. We ensure that we pass on consistent information to students and parents regarding relevant programs.

Moreover, summer/winter school applications can be quite complicated at times. We are a one-stop solution for helping students in:

  • Finding the right summer/winter course
  • Applying to a summer/winter school program promptly
  • Catering to essay or SOP requirements
  • Visa applications (international programs)
  • Financial Aid Application
  • Fee deposit
  • Pre-departure guidance

In fact, Silver Fern Education Consultants is the authorized representative of 450-plus institutions across the globe. With this extensive network of collaborations, we now endeavor to create our own summer/winter programs empowering students. That will be an extension of our commitment to facilitate student success by giving students effective exposure.

A lot of students and parents often wonder if summer/winter schools add any real value beyond certificates. The answer is a loud yes! While certification is a resounding benefit, there is so much more to extract from meaningful summer/winter school programs.


Some of the most astounding benefits of attending summer/winter school programs are listed below:

  • Experiential learning
  • Skill building and advancement
  • Practical learning by universities
  • Exposure to international cultures/education
  • Career exploration from practical viewpoints
  • Better understanding of diversity & inclusion
  • An exhibition of intent to study at international universities
  • Confidence enhancement & leadership aptitude
  • Exploration of new interests & passions
  • Enhanced resilience and problem-solving
  • Better prospects for study abroad scholarships


So, what are you waiting for? If you dream of studying at institutions like IVY League Universities or the Russel Group, such experiences hold the key. Winter/Summer schools give you a realistic experience of what life is like at a multicultural university. Hence, the mere idea of immersing yourself in such an environment seems profoundly rewarding.

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