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Internship and Job Shadowing

Realistic Learning in Real-World Scenarios

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we are of the view that hands-on learning experiences are paramount. When young learners engage in hands-on learning, the exposure offers multifaceted value. To substantiate, it not only gives them a real sense of professional development but also helps in reconfirming their career goals.


Here is how hands-on learning offered by internships or job shadowing helps:

  • Effective mentoring
  • Industrial exposure
  • Better insights into job roles and responsibilities
  • Career exploration & experiential learning
  • Introduction to professional ethics and conduct
  • Skill and knowledge enhancement
  • Working in challenging and diverse environments
  • Letters of recommendation

With the world becoming increasingly competitive, hands-on experiential learning will give you the edge. A job shadowing experience or internship for students can be pivotal to not only your exposure but also the overall profile. Hence, in our career counseling and profile building efforts, we strongly recommend students to engage in such opportunities.

Furthermore, additional initiatives like internship fairs and building industrial partnerships give our students the leverage of meaningful exposure. We help students get unique internship and job shadowing opportunities coherent with their career goals. Hence, the network of industrial partnerships we have is quite extensive and diversified.


An Explanation of Internships and Job Shadowing

An internship offers realistic professional learning in an actual professional setting. As a student, you work with a real organization either in-person or virtually to engage in professional responsibilities. An internship could be either paid or unpaid subject to the organization or job roles.

While an internship can be bragged about on your resume, the professional exposure you draw from it is invaluable. It will not only add to your understanding of professional conduct but also your confidence, agility and mindset. An internship is paramount to developing a professional attitude while engaging in hands on learning in your preferred career field.

On the other hand, job shadowing includes spending time with and observing an established professional. For instance, shadowing a lawyer, psychologist, geologist, doctor, therapist an so on. The objective of job shadowing is to benefit from an established professional’s experience and observe their daily professional conduct closely.


A job shadowing experience could last for a few days or weeks depending on how much you wish to learn. During job shadowing, in addition to learning from a professional viewpoint, you also learn effective interpersonal skills and life skills. Moreover, it is an experience that you can add to your SOPs or CV while applying for study abroad scholarships.

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