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Silver Fern’s Sustainability Foundation was launched in 2023 with the hope and endeavor to contribute in our small way to answer some of the most challenging questions which the world faces today. It is our belief that sustainable living is going to be the existential question for our generation and we must do all we can to equip ourselves to meet this challenge head on.


The foremost purpose of this foundation is to create a dialogue on sustainability and to spread awareness on how each of us, in our everyday lives, can contribute towards improving it. Whether it be environmental, human, social or economic, we aim to make individuals and communities consciously aware of these crucial aspects of sustainability especially keeping in mind high school students as they are going to be the leaders and change makers of the future.

The core values of our foundation revolve around the belief that it is each and everyone’s responsibility to be a part of the solution that contributes to improved sustainability - today, tomorrow and for years to come. We can find unending examples of sustainability in our daily living that point to the fact that if we live just a bit more consciously, we can truly make a difference and together, that can lead to massive change. The simple acts of preserving electricity by utilizing daylight, saving water by taking shorter showers, reducing, reusing and recycling our everyday products or adopting a better diet, are some of the foremost examples that can aid the promotion of sustainability ultimately leading to pervasive change in attitudes.


As a foundation, it will be our endeavor to create a space and opportunity for the next generation to start discussing sustainability related issues in an actionable tone and come up with ideas of their own on how they can make a difference to their world. Today, we are at an inflection point on a range of sustainability issues and we believe the time has passed wherein we can simply allocate the responsibility of our world to the next generation or the generation after that.

Finally, Silver Fern’s Sustainability Foundation represents our vision of a world where individuals incorporate saving our precious natural resources in their everyday lives. As leaders within the education recruitment industry, we hope to send across that message to all our students and empower them to become responsible flag bearers and stewards of that notion and of our planet. Together, we believe that we can build a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come by taking a small step today in our own personal capacities.

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