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Do you aspire to study at a top-ranked university or college in New Zealand? We at Silver Fern Education Consultants represent a plethora of universities and colleges across New Zealand.

About the Country


The Population of New Zealand is 5.22 Million


The Capital of New Zealand is Wellington


The Official Currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar


New Zealand Was the First Country Ever to Extend Voting Rights to Women


The Three Official Languages of New Zealand are English, Sign Language & Maori


The GDP of New Zealand is 247.54 Billion Dollars


There Are More than 34000 International Students in New Zealand


Between 2022 & 2023, Student Visa Holders in NZ Grew By 98 % in Number


Reasons for Choosing to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a study-abroad destination popular for its unparalleled quality of life and peace. As a destination, it's surreally picturesque and can keep you fascinated for a lifetime.

However, there is a lot more to New Zealand than its allure and tranquility. As a study destination, New Zealand offers a dynamic, forward-looking and conducive education system.

To substantiate, New Zealand has 8 public universities funded by the state. Each of these eight universities ranks high in global rankings, the University of Auckland being the top university. These universities along with other private institutions offer large diversification in terms of study abroad programs.

Furthermore, by choosing to study in New Zealand, you allow yourself to excel in a research-intensive environment. The higher education curriculums are designed to encourage students to think critically, question the status quo and innovate. Additionally, the New Zealand government also offers various grants, fellowships and study abroad scholarships to international students.

Speaking of quality of education, not only degree programs but New Zealand also offers an astounding variety of diploma programs. To elaborate, tertiary education in New Zealand is inclusive of graduate diplomas and postgraduate diplomas as well. All of the best universities in New Zealand offer holistic education.


Besides, various graduate and postgraduate diploma programs are available as well. All in all, international students can choose from a wide range of study programs across levels of tertiary education. The choice can be made subject to career ambitions, budget constraints and industry demands.

Besides, New Zealand is the second safest nation after Iceland in the global peace index. Therefore, among the most favored study destinations, New Zealand is the safest country to be in for international students. This also implies that the possibility of international students experiencing hate crimes or xenophobia is the least in New Zealand.

If you want to study in New Zealand towards a role that is on the green list, this makes you eligible for a post study work visa. This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for a maximum of three years once you complete your degree (length of stay varies according to course lenth)

In order to be eligible for this visa, you must have studied a degree at level seven or more, or a non degree level seven or less and gained a qualification that is eligible for a post study work visa.

All in all, the multitude of reasons to study in New Zealand are pretty convincing and fascinating.

Cost of Studying and Living in New Zealand

Although the exact breakdown of tuition fees is subject to the program or specialization, we can speak of the averages. The average tuition fee in New Zealand for both graduate and postgraduate programs lies between 20,000 NZD to 30,000 NZD.

Notably, when compared to the US Dollar and GBP, the value of NZD is much lower relative to INR. So, when you are comparing costs in INR, costs relevant to New Zealand will come out to be much lower. So, the cost to study in New Zealand when compared to other countries may seem more practical.

Moreover, the living costs in New Zealand is 20,000 NZD per year. All in all, given the lower conversion rate between NZD and INR, New Zealand is economically viable.

In the next section, let us have a look at New Zealand top universities.


Top Universities in New Zealand

Admission Requirements to Study in New Zealand

  • 1. Academic Transcripts

  • 2. CV/Resume

  • 3. Letter(s) of Recommendation

  • 4. English Proficiency Test

  • 5. Passport (Valid)

  • 6. Statement Of Purpose

  • 7. Portfolio (If Applicable)

Want to study in the New Zealand but facing issues meeting the admission requirements? Not sure which program to go for? Finding scholarships in New Zealand? Get in touch with our New Zealand counselors now!