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About the Country


England, Scotland, Wales And Northern Ireland Together Form The United Kingdom


The UK is Both A Parliamentary Democracy And A Constitutional Monarchy


The Capital City Of The UK is London


The Population Of The UK is 67 Million


The Official Currency Of The Uk Is The Pound Sterling Or Gbp


The GDP of The UK is $3.332 Trillion


English Is The Most Widely Spoken Language In The UK


The United Kingdom Is Now Home To 679,970 International Students


Reasons for Choosing to Study in UK

The reasons for choosing to Study in the United Kingdom are innumerable. To begin with, in the sphere of global education, the UK holds a centuries-old legacy. UK’s rich heritage in terms of education has contributed constructively to the world for centuries now.

To elaborate, institutions like the University of Oxford, LSE and the University of Cambridge are ancient centers of excellence. In fact, in most rankings, the University of Oxford is rated the best university across the globe.

Moreover, speaking from the viewpoint of Indian students, the UK offers a fascinating similarity in the education system. Like in India, bachelor’s degrees are for three years in the UK. Therefore, if you study in UK, you can save a year’s tuition fees and kickstart your career early.

On the contrary, in North America, bachelor’s programs are for four years mostly. Moreover, a majority of postgraduate programs in UK are for one year, unlike most countries. All in all, study abroad programs in UK are top-notch in terms of quality and shorter in terms of tenure.

In terms of education quality, the UK ranks perpetually high among the top education systems in the world. In fact, the UK has some of the best research universities in the world offering a highly conducive research environment. In addition, the diversity in terms of study abroad programs offered by UK universities is enormous. In addition, there are quite a few scholarships in UK for Indian students.

From programs in life sciences to business and engineering, UK universities offer quality education across all disciplines. There’s also a lot to look forward to for students who want to pursue law, psychology or medicine in UK.


Besides, the United Kingdom’s romanticization of arts, literature and history is well known to the world. However, if you are aiming for institutions like Oxford or LSE, you will also need a versatile profile in addition to high grades. In alignment with your aim, you must begin early in the direction of profile building to undertake all-round development. Remember, the top universities will always prefer students who come with strong and versatile personalities!

Moving further, the UK is the sixth largest economy in the world marked by flourishing industries and rewarding work opportunities. Hence, international students can earn pretty much anywhere in the UK and sustain themselves easily. Moreover, if you can win one of the UK scholarships for study abroad, sustenance becomes even easier.

Lastly, much to the delight of international students, the provision of post-study work permits in the UK is highly favorable. The United Kingdom offers a 2-year post-study work visa to international students graduating from UK universities.

This is indeed a major attraction for international students to study in UK. An amalgamation of world-class education, ample opportunities and 2 year post-study work visas makes the UK a top choice. The benefits of studying abroad get quite real in the United Kingdom.

Cost of Studying & Living

Tuition fees for undergraduate degrees in the UK cost £11,400 - £38,000. The average cost is estimated to be around £22,200 per year. The tuition fees for postgraduate degrees in the UK cost £9,000 to £30,000, with an average estimated cost of around £17,109 per year.

However, the tuition fees may vary depending on the university you’re studying in. Opting for a prestigious university in London, such as Imperial College, may incur higher expenses. On the contrary, selecting a university in a more regional location, the costs will be much lower. In fact, there is a considerable difference in living costs inside and outside London.


Top Universities in the UK

As mentioned above, the UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Some of the top-notch universities in the UK listed in the global rankings are listed below.

Admission Requirements To Study In UK

  • 1. Passport (Valid)

  • 2. Academic Transcripts

  • 3. Letter(s) of Recommendation

  • 4. English Proficiency Test

  • 5. Statement Of Purpose

  • 6. Portfolio (If Applicable)

  • 7. CV/Resume

  • 8. Proof Of Funds

  • 9. Essays

Notably, the exact requirements are subject to vary from one university to another. Besides, different study abroad programs will have their specific requirements.

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