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When you make a decision as big as going to a different country for your higher education, you need to make sure you get the basics right. Yes, the basics include food, logistics, locality, transit, peers etc. But the biggest factor that comes into play is picking the right course.

Here are some points that will push you in the right direction of your course and make the choice easier for you.

1. Research

While it may sound like an arduous task but it is the bedrock of your choice. Your career will depend on your present choices and it is not a farfetched notion to consider that this will be one of the most important decisions of your life. Hence, consider the following options while doing your research –

● Future Prospects

● Scope of Growth in the Field (Personal as well as Professional)

● Previous Success Rates

● Personal Interests (which will drive the course of your indulgence in your own career)

2. Course Content

3. Understand the Location

3. Fee Structure

Some courses usually cost higher than the others. And the cost also varies from country to country. For example, the cost of completing a medical education is far higher in the UK as compared to China. Therefore, before selecting an institute or a country, budgeting is imperative.

4. Talk to other Students

If you have any friend or a person of your own age studying overseas, do consult them and clarify doubts in detail (and I underscore the word detailed). Talk to them about their experiences of living and studying overseas and what their day to day schedule consists of to form a wholesome perspective of what you are likely to face.

5. Room for growth

Your course must have a strong probability of career progression so you can grow in your field.  Try to explore the possibilities for research projects and the outcome of studying at your selected institute.

These are some of the bedrock points you should ponder upon while picking a course. Remember, whichever course you pick, have faith in your choice and give it a proper shot. If you have check listed all the points above, then you will give yourself the best chance to succeed and grow.

How can we help?

Studying overseas can be a daunting experience and when a student starts this journey, they often have a fractured understanding of what the future will hold. Silver Fern attempts to clear all their doubts with our individual counselling sessions that form a clearer picture in a student’s mind.

‘Career Desk’ by Silver Fern provides a solution to the student’s queries by analyzing their interests and personality traits, post or during their high school education providing guidance and support through psychometric testing and carving career pathways.

Career Desk offers the following services to its students:

1. Psychometric Testing by the Experts:

At Silver Fern, an experienced educational psychologist walks the students through:

● Psychometric and Aptitude Testing

● Career Counseling and Academic Advice (Enhanced and Actual)

● Internship guidance and Placements (As per a student’s availability and interest areas)

● Individual Career Counseling sessions

● Summer and Winter School information, guidance and application

● Job Fair (Internship / Job Shadow)

● University and College Fairs (Twice a year)

2. Career counseling and Mentorship for stream selection

3. Oversees college and university application

4. Making scholarship application

5. Profile enhancement

6. Study permit application

7. Post landing services

With over 450 institutional partnerships, 700 recruitment partners and 12 years of experience, Silver Fern’s success rate stands at 90% which does not leave much margin for error. When a student associates themselves with us, they will better understand what a foreign education means. We make it a point to ensure that this meaning matters and shapes them into future leaders in their respective fields.

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Author Bio : Mr. Almasto Kapoor

I believe that wisdom and information amplify when shared with others. With more than 14 years of vast experience in tertiary education and having assisted a plethora of students in accomplishing their higher education dreams, I’d like to believe that my knowledge is substantial. To make this knowledge count, I love sharing it with students to apprise them of the intricacies of overseas education and to go with that, my keen interest in writing makes it an even more fulfilling thing to do!

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