There’s much more to Australia than beautiful landscapes, picturesque beaches and kangaroos. What Australia is also popular for is its world-class universities making it a top study abroad destination. This is exactly why hundreds of thousands of international students aspire to study in Australia. 

study in australia

The University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide and Monash are only a few world-class institutes in Australia. Australia’s world-renowned universities offer progressive education with excellent research and academic facilities. 

So, all in all, your vision to study in Australia is indeed a good choice. Pursuing higher education from one of the top universities in Australia can set you up for great success. But which are the top-ranked universities in Australia? Which universities have the best faculty, study abroad programs, infrastructure and teaching methodologies? 

Top Universities Guarantee Career Success

If we talk about universities in Australia, there are about 40 formally recognized universities. Having said that, there is some scope for confusion while applying to study in Australia. Of course, it makes sense that you should only be aiming for the top-notch universities. So, in this blog, we present to you a list of the top 10 universities in Australia. 

Australia’s top universities have more progressive curriculums to offer. These curriculums ensure that you are learning enough practical skills for better employability prospects. Moreover, it is the reputation of having studied at a top institute that will stay with you for life. Certainly, top universities make you professional journey more worthwhile

Knowing this list will give you greater clarity as to which universities are worth applying to. Top universities will offer better experiential learning and prospects of career success, to say the least. Our list is consistent with the University Rankings (2024) by Times Higher Education. So, let us get started without further ado! 

Top 10 Universities To Aim For To Study in Australia

1. University of Melbourne 

study in Australia, university of Melbourne

Well, if you know a little about the University of Melbourne, it is no surprise that it tops the list. Not only in Australia but also globally, the University of Melbourne is highly eminent and popular. In the global university ranking by Times Higher Education, the University of Melbourne is ranked 37th.

Another amusing fact about the university is that 47 percent of students here are international students. Moreover, the University of Melbourne is also one of the Go8 (Group of Eight) universities in Australia. To explain, just like the US has IVY League Universities and the UK has Russel Group, Australia has the Go8. Go8 universities form the league of the most prestigious universities in Australia. 

2. Monash University 

study in australia, Monash University 

Monash University is another Go8 university in Australia and hence, highly prestigious. Monash University is a public university located in Melbourne, Victoria. Speaking of the ranking, it is ranked 54th on the global rankings by Times Higher Education. 

From psychology, law, engineering and social sciences to business, the university offers a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. Besides, the university is highly renowned for its research environment and international outlook. 

Lastly, the university is a top choice for international students who constitute 38 percent of the total student population here. For sure, this is one university to aim for if you aspire to study in Australia. 

3. University of Sydney 

study in australia, university of Sydney

With an international student population of 51 percent, the University of Sydney is ranked 60th in the global rankings. The most popular academic disciplines on offer include clinical, pre-clinical, health, engineering, life sciences, business and so on. 

Besides, the university is highly acclaimed for its research quality and is associated with more than 90 research facilities. If you plan to study in Australia for medicine or dentistry, this will certainly be a top-tier choice. Moreover, the university is also known for its veterinary science and biological science programs. 

4. Australian National University 

Located in Canberra, the Australian National University is another renowned public university in Australia. On the list of Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2024, it finds itself at number 67. 

An interesting fact about this institution is that it is the only university in Australia formed by the Parliament of Australia. Besides the main campus in Acton, the university has four other campuses across the country.

The best thing about this university is that it allows students to customize their subject combinations. Students can study two majors during their degrees hence, increasing employability prospects. 

5. The University of Queensland 

study in australia, The University of Queensland 

Do you wish to study in Australia and have a special preference for the Queensland region? Well, if yes, there is no better University than the University of Queensland to aim for. This university is a Go8 institution and is ranked 70th on the global list by Times Higher Education. 

Located in the beautiful city of Brisbane, the university offers more than 350 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Besides academics, the University of Queensland is also popular for its excellent sporting infrastructure. Furthermore, the university ranks the best for life sciences, engineering and clinical programs. 

6. University of New South Wales 

The University of New South Wales, Sydney is next on the list of top universities in Australia. The university is ranked 84th on the Times Higher Education World Rankings. Moreover, it is ranked 29th in terms of reputation as a global employer. 

In fact, the University of New South Wales is the top-ranked university in Australia for research and impact. Also, it is one of the best universities in Australia for engineering and technology. 

7. University of Adelaide 

study in australia, University of Adelaide 

Next on the list is yet another Go8 University! Located in North Terrace, Adelaide, the University of Adelaide is a research-intensive institution. The university is also a melting pot of global cultures as it has international students from more than 100 countries. 

The alumni of the university include the first female prime minister of Australia and the first female Supreme Court judge. Not only this but the university’s alumni also include 5 Nobel Laureates. This pretty much speaks for the excellence in education this university offers. 

The University of Adelaide finds itself on 111th spot in the Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking. It is for sure one of the best universities for international students to study in Australia. 

8. The University of Western Australia 

Ranked 143rd in the World University Rankings, the University of Western Australia is situated in the city of Perth. Interestingly, the University of Western Australia is one of the ‘Sandstone Universities’ in Australia. To explain, these are the universities that are now more than a century old.

The university is particularly eminent for its courses in marine sciences, psychology and agriculture sciences. Besides, it is also known for its architecture, law, visual arts, medicine and dentistry programs.

9. University of Technology, Sydney 

More popularly known as UTS, the University is at the 148th spot on the Times Higher Education Global Rankings. The University is located on Broadway, Ultimo. As the name suggests, UTS is among the top technology universities in the country.

However, the institute is also well-known for its law, health and business programs. The university ranks very high on the parameters of international outlook and research quality. 

If you are very keen to study in Australia, there is something you must know. Sydney is the fourth most livable city worldwide and hence, it attracts a lot of international students. You must consider this fact while applying to Australian universities and prefer institutes in Sydney. 

10. Macquarie University 

Macquarie University is ranked 180th on the World University List. It is a public university located in Sydney. The University is also one of the top-ranked universities in Australia in terms of employment generation.  

The university offers a wide range of academic programs for international students to choose from. The programs on offer include; business, law, education, media, engineering, psychology, linguistics and so on. 

Moreover, the university has an extensive industrial network with more than 300 companies onboard as collaborating partners. The university offers sprawling facilities for academics, research, sports and even leisure. For all reasons, this university should definitely be on your list of considerations. 

The Bottom Line

Knowing about the top universities to study in Australia is one thing. What you also need to keep in mind is that to make it to these top-tier universities, you need an exceptional profile. To substantiate, you need a good academic profile with an exceptional CV including meaningful extracurricular and co-curricular activities. So, you need to undertake the hustle to stand a chance to make it to these eminent universities.

In that journey, Silver Fern Education Consultants is always there to support you. Also, our profile-building assistance may be exactly what you need to gain an edge over others. At last, all we want you to know is that if your ambition is big, you must start early. 

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