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Hogwarts is fictional but Harvard is for real! In fact, Harvard University is one of the most popular universities in the world. But do you know the league of highly eminent universities Harvard belongs to? Well, if you aspire to study in the US, IVY League Institutions will be a familiar term already!

That is exactly the class apart league of universities Harvard University is a prestigious member of. 

Universities in the IVY League are not only among the best in the US but boast of global superiority. If there were an Oscar for universities, IVY League Institutions would not let any other institution even win perhaps!

This unorthodox comparison speaks volumes of the kind of eminence and prestige that the IVY League has. Intrigued already to know it all?

Well, in this blog, we will tell you all that you need to know about the IVY League. From the IVY League Universities in USA to what it takes to get into these institutions, we’ll explain it all!  So, let us get started! 

Brown University, Rhode Island

A Brief History & Explanation Of The IVY League

Essentially, the IVY League in itself started out as an athletic conference about 70 years back if not more. The journey of the IVY League Schools began in the 17th century.

It began when Harvard became the maiden higher education institution in the US. Further, In the 18th century Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania joined. 

Thereafter, in 1865, Cornell University joined the prestigious class of IVY League Institutions. Here is a small trivia for you! Cornell University is the only IVY League University to be established after the formation of the US. Back then, the IVY League Schools were only for affluent families and whites, best described as colonial colleges.

But as we read this today, the contemporary world has come a long way! We have left the clutches of colonialism behind and education in the 21st century is inclusive. So are the IVY League Universities in the USA. 

Today, the IVY League Institutions boast of diverse student communities. Students from all parts of the globe aspire to study at the IVY League given the legacy of these institutions. The 8 private IVY League Schools in the US are listed below. 

  1. Harvard University, Massachusetts (QS Ranking 4)
  2. Yale University, Connecticut  (QS Ranking 16)
  3. Brown University, Rhode Islands (QS Ranking 73) 
  4. Dartmouth College, New Hampshire  (QS Ranking 237)
  5. Columbia University, New York (QS Ranking 23) 
  6. Cornell University, New York (QS Ranking 13)
  7. University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania (QS Ranking 12) 
  8. Princeton University, New Jersey  (QS Ranking 17)

Now, because I mentioned Private IVY League Universities, let me clarify it. The IVY League Universities in USA can be broadly classified into two groups; the private IVYs and the Public IVYs. However, when we simply refer to IVY League Institutions, it is mostly about the above 8 private IVY schools. 

So, now we know! The above-mentioned universities are the most premium educational institutions in the world! This explains why millions of students worldwide commit to giving their all to study at Harvard, Yale, Cornell or Penn. But do all IVY League dreams get fulfilled?

Well, sadly the answer is no! In the next session, we discuss an overview of acceptance scenarios at IVY League Universities in USA. 

What Is The Acceptance Rate Across IVY Leagues?

As per Harvard Crimson, for the class of 2027, the acceptance rate was a mere 3.4 percent. So, roughly, for every hundred applications received, 3 students made it to Harvard. Evidently, IVY League Universities are not only highly prestigious but also highly competitive in terms of getting in. 

To elucidate, for all IVY League Universities, the acceptance rate is in the range of 3% – 8%. Having said that, the window of probability here is very narrow. You need to be outstanding and exemplary in every aspect to be among the chosen few.

For that, you need to first know what kind of profiles make it to Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

So, in the next session, let us explain the real central idea behind this blog. Our primary purpose with this blog is to help you understand what it takes to go to an IVY School. In the next session, we elaborate on the same. 

What Does It Take To Get Into An IVY League?

IVY League Universities

Now comes the real question! Yes, knowing about the miser acceptance rates of IVY League Universities is important for you. It gives you a clear idea of the kind of competitiveness in applying to IVY League Schools.  But it is far more important to know how do you crack IVY League Applications. 

Now, when it comes to competitiveness in applications, academics is the first thing that comes to our minds. Yes, of course, academics matter.

To make it to the IVY League Universities in USA, you need 90 percent and above. In fact, you will need to maintain that consistently across grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12. But is it all about academics? 

Well, the answer is no! Yes, academics matter a lot and set the benchmark. But there is much more to an extraordinary IVY League Application. Great academics, IVY League SAT score, IELTS or any other English proficiency exam are the standard prerequisites.

However, what makes an application stand out is the overall profile of a student. Having said that, students’ profiles and Profile-Building initiatives make a real difference. 

Let us simplify it for you! The top educational institutions in the world including the IVYs look for passionate individuals who can offer a lot of value. Simply put, how much can a student contribute to the student community of the institution? 

To explain, firstly, they look for people who have a genuine passion that they follow consistently and progressively. Furthermore, they look for individuals who come with strong leadership capabilities to drive positive change around them. All of this, of course, comes in conjunction with a strong academic profile. 

Even for academics, they will look at what have you done over and above your academics to exhibit a strong academic inclination. For instance, let’s say you wish to go for a computer science engineering course at Yale University

Did you do any online courses in computer science? Did you do any individual projects or meaningful internships in the computer science field? Did you publish a review article or a research paper in the relevant field? All of this is what will count. But as mentioned above, progression and consistency are the key. 

So, to put it systematically, IVY League aspirants must start their profile building as early as class 9 or 10. So, by the time the student is in grade 12, the student will have undertaken a profile enhancement journey with an upward trajectory.

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we understand what the top universities look for in student profiles. Having said that, there is a very logical and personalized approach to how we go about profile building. 

From extraordinary academic endeavors, industry exposure and personality enhancement to skill development, we cover it all. Expert counselors at Silver Fern Education Consultants are highly proficient at designing a student’s extraordinary profile building journey.

This journey empowers and grooms students in multifarious ways. Eventually, this is what sets up students for top-tier institutes like IVY League Universities. 

To conclude, yes, it is very competitive to get into Universities in IVY Leagues. However, that does not stop you from dreaming big. Span your wings and dream massive!

To assist you in dreaming big, we are there for you at every step! From giving you the right information and guiding you on profile building to applications, we will be your guiding light! 

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