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Studying abroad has the potential to change the lives of the students. It may not be as easy as it seems. It can be difficult to leave behind your familiar surroundings, loved ones and home. However, there are countless benefits of studying abroad. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks, from improved educational and research opportunities to lucrative professions and intellectual development.  

In recent times, more international students have been choosing to study abroad, and India is not an exception to this pattern. Given the reasonable admissions and visa requirements, as well as the easily accessible financial aid offered by private and public financial institutions in India, the ambition of studying abroad is now much more accessible.  

According to the data from the Bureau of Immigration, more than 4,00,000 students left the country in 2021 to pursue a higher education overseas. As of 20th March 2022, 1,33,135 Indian students migrated from India to pursue higher education in the academic destinations of their choice.   

If you are a student contemplating your future, you should think about studying abroad as a possibility. Students may decide to complete their education overseas for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them: 

Discover new career opportunities: Studying in a different country opens up job opportunities for you that would not be readily available in your home nation. If you study in the region where you intend to work, it is advantageous as the network that you build at your education provider can help you find employment and other local networking opportunities. 

Boost your language skills: By studying overseas, you will get a chance to hone your language skills through practical experience. The opportunity to learn a new language with working proficiency will benefit you in the future. While working at organisations that have a global presence, having strong written and oral communication skills prove to be immensely helpful in making you a unique candidate.  

Study various Cultures and Viewpoints: Studying in another country not only helps to gain professional knowledge but also gives you an opportunity to view the world in a different  perspective and learn about different cultures. Exposure to  various cultures and meeting people with different upbringings can expand your horizon and thoughts. Living abroad is the ideal approach to challenge yourself and develop holistically as an individual.   

Develops your Personality : Although studying abroad can be stressful, the obstacles you overcome makes you grow as a person. It also helps you develop personally in various ways. There is no alternative for first-hand knowledge, and immersing yourself into a new home, a new college or university, a new routine and new company is a great approach to advance yourself both personally and professionally.  

Enhance your Network & Resume : You can develop invaluable ties with people from all around the world by studying abroad. You increase your global network by getting a chance to meet people who might become lifelong friends. Some contacts may even result in job offers, business partners, internships, and other career prospects. The more people you know, the more likely it is that you’ll be introduced to intriguing social and professional prospects. 

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Author Bio : Mr. Almasto Kapoor

I believe that wisdom and information amplify when shared with others. With more than 14 years of vast experience in tertiary education and having assisted a plethora of students in accomplishing their higher education dreams, I’d like to believe that my knowledge is substantial. To make this knowledge count, I love sharing it with students to apprise them of the intricacies of overseas education and to go with that, my keen interest in writing makes it an even more fulfilling thing to do!

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