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What are the benefits of studying abroad for Indian students? Are students more enticed by the advantages of studying abroad or the popularity of the study abroad culture? It is evident that millions of Indian students aspire to study abroad. If this is due to the immense popularity of the study abroad culture, it is only getting bigger.

A recent report reveals that international students from Punjab spend a whopping INR 68000 crore each year in Canada. That for sure sounds unbelievable at first but it is indeed true. This colossal investment by students from just one state of India in one country has a tale to tell. The bigger picture is that there is enormous traction among Indian students to pursue education in abroad. 

If you are reading this blog, you will definitely have at least some interest in studying abroad. However, we would never recommend anyone to move abroad for higher education just because it is a popular trend nowadays. You should rather base your study abroad goals on the value addition that education abroad offers.

The advantages of studying abroad should matter the most to your decision-making for your higher education. Makes complete sense, right? In this blog, we shed light on the imperative benefits of studying abroad for Indian students.

Knowing these benefits will help you make better decisions for your international education goals. So, let us get started without further ado! 

Key Benefits of Studying Abroad That Need Your Attention

  1. Multi-Dimensional Exposure 

It would not be incorrect to say that your exposure shapes your personality. Further, your overall personality will determine your destiny to a great extent, right? For me, the greatest merit of international education is the kind of exposure that you get access to.

When I say exposure, it goes far beyond academic exposure or access to progressive education systems. 

Yes, IVY League Universities or the top universities in Canada, UK et cetera offer practical and progressive learning opportunities. In addition, studying abroad also offers exposure to global cultures, networking opportunities with international students and a lot more.

Besides, you also get a very early exposure to the real world. You learn to manage between academics, work and personal life all at the same time. This experiential learning is vital and it only comes from facing real situations in realistic environments.

Studying in India, you will get this exposure a lot later. However, as an international student, you need to fend for yourself from day one. That exposure shapes your personality in a more meaningful way and gives you an early headstart. 

  1. More Progressive and Diverse Education Prospects 

Undoubtedly, education in India has come a long way and is evolving for the better with each passing day. However, we agree that the education that eminent universities like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford offer is far more superior. This superiority reflects in the education infrastructure, research facilities, faculty and modern curriculums these institutions offer.

So, we can surely infer that education in countries like the US, the UK, Canada and Australia is more progressive. The education is more practical, skill-oriented and inspires greater innovation among students. Having said that, international education grooms a student for greater success in life. However, that is only one of the many benefits of studying abroad for Indian students.

The other aspect of it is diversity in terms of the courses on offer across international universities and colleges. If we compare it to India, education abroad is a lot more diverse and offers a broader spectrum of courses to choose from. More importantly, these courses are more streamlined to prerequisite career skills.

  1. Co-Ops Opportunities 

Most education programs abroad offer cooperative education opportunities to international students. Ideally, education should be the right mix of classroom learning and hands-on industry-relevant experiences. In India, we often see that the construct of the education system is more inclined to theoretical learning.

This is where international education is more promising in terms of offering practical learning. Co-op programs offer students the opportunity to work in industrial settings as a part of the curriculum. Not only do you get the much important hands-on experience but also get a great opportunity to make part-time income as per industry standards. 

Most of the co-op programs are paid and can be for a duration of up to 6 months. They give you a real picture of how industries function and put you in real professional scenarios. It not only helps you excel academically but you also learn the imperative life skills and soft skills.  

  1. Self-Empowerment 

Simply put, being an international student is empowering in multiple and unbelievable ways. To begin with, you overcome a cultural shock to adjust to a new culture and country. That is of course very empowering in its own way. 

Thereafter, you compete with international students, adjust to a new education system and undertake a new learning journey. This will again give you a great sense of self-empowerment. 

Going one step ahead, when work part-time and begin to support your expenses and education, it liberates you further. Having said that, the independence and empowerment you get are among the greatest benefits of studying abroad.

This sense of self-empowerment will benefit you at every step in your life. Whether it is in terms of career, financial management or personal life, you will excel better. Only international education can provide you with such emancipation so early in your life. 

  1. Better Career and Earning Prospects 

Making more money is the underlying idea that attracts most Indian students to move abroad. It is undeniable that countries like the US, UK and Canada offer better opportunities and wages with progressive education.  

In India, given the high population and the surplus availability of human capital in almost every industry is problematic. Because of surplus human capital, the wages in India are much lower than abroad. 

Apart from the wages, even the career opportunities seem to be shrinking a little in India. This definitely is not the case abroad. Countries like Canada are in need of more human capital to ensure that their economy is thriving. For that reason, they are happy to pay higher wages and that is what international students consider the most. 

To conclude, the benefits of studying abroad are ample. However, these benefits will come to you only if you are ready to go the extra mile and invest diligent efforts. From making it to the top universities, getting study abroad scholarships to surviving abroad, everything demands determination. If you are willing to take that hustle, of course, studying abroad can offer you a very bright future.

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