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Silver Fern’s Features

Silver Fern provides a personalized guidance to students to ensure that students get matched to the right institution and destination.

Academic pathway planning (Interest, Career & Aptitude testing)

Free counseling regarding course and institution selection provided.

Up to date information pertaining to country specific work rights and immigration pathways covered during the initial counseling.

Scholarship information provided to eligible students.

Comprehensive information regarding academic and language tests like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE is provided.

Regular presentations and counseling sessions arranged with visiting personnel from various institutions across the world.

Regular Visa updates provided to potential students looking to study abroad.

1Applying for higher education overseas is a huge decision both financially and emotionally, therefore it is mandatory to make a right and wise decision. Team Silver Fern is always ready to gleefully guide and help students to make the right study-abroad plans. Our experts have years of experience in providing the students with the right information and answer all their queries. We apprise the students of a whole gamut of universities and institutes that offer varied courses. And then we help students zero in on the university that best suit their objectives. Anyone is welcome to walk in and enquire about the different options available for them.

1Visa processing is quite a task and at times takes more than anticipated time. That is where our expertise and tie-ups come into play. We ensure that the visa applications get processed faster and you get the visa without needless delays.

1Documentation is the most imperative of the whole study-abroad immigration process. Our experienced and trained experts handle all the documentation and related formalities professionally and efficaciously, so that there are no loose threads and visa denials owing to inappropriate documentation. We give special attention to your application and also help with the most important “Statement of Purpose”. Our staff follows up with the chosen University and ensures a positive and quick response. We deliver what we promise!

1We understand that scouting for an accommodation in a foreign country can be an arduous task for young students. So, we take full responsibility for our clients – right from filing their cases to ensuring that they have a comfortable stay when they land in their dream destination. We make complete accommodation arrangements for students flying to Canada as well as New Zealand, of course, keeping in mind each student’s budget and location preferences..

1Our students don’t have to worry at all their travel arrangements, for we take care of all that. We suggest the best options that are in sync with a student’s budget. Apart from the travelling arrangements, we arrange for the foreign exchange, insurance cover, and other such requirements. The objective is to ensure that the students and their parents don’t have to worry on these aspects.

1We are committed to provide you with excellent advise during your Admissions and Visa Processes. The counseling we provide you is free of cost. Depending upon the University and Country the student applies to, there might be an application fee demanded by the University. All these details are transparently discussed with the student beforehand.

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