Accommodation Options For Indian Students in Canada

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Are you an Indian student planning to move to Canada to pursue your higher education? Well, given Canada’s progressive education system, it is great if you plan to study in Canada. However, while planning for it, you also need to be considerate of housing for international students in Canada.  Whenever we talk about the cost […]

A Complete Guide To Scoring 8 Bands in Your IELTS Essay


Doing well in your IELTS essay seems like a daunting task? Still not sure if you could meet your IELTS writing requirements or not? Well, you are not the only one! The majority of students taking the IELTS exam struggle with essay writing. In fact, the IELTS essay seems like the most complicated part of […]

Essential Checklist for Indian Students Going Abroad

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Do you plan to study abroad and give your future a sense of security? Each year, lakhs of students from India move abroad for higher education. The hot favorite study abroad destinations for Indian students are Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK and the UAE. Each year, there is an emphatic surge in the number […]

Study in the USA 2024: Here Are The Top 10 Universities

Study in USA

Planning to study in USA? Well, certainly, it could be the best academic decision you ever make! Irrefutably, the US education system is a global brand in itself and attracts students from all over the world. Almost every institution of higher education in the USA is a premier institution leading by example.  From Harvard Business […]

How To Choose The Right Course To Study Abroad

Looking for top courses to study abroad? Well, needless to say, overseas education is an expensive affair and a vital life decision too. So, when you choose a course to study abroad, there is a lot you need to explore and know before making that call. This is simply because choosing the wrong course can […]

The Power of Mentorship : How it Shapes Successful Careers


In today’s competitive and fast-paced professional landscape, mentorship has emerged as a powerful tool for shaping successful careers. With the right guidance and support from experienced professionals, one can navigate the challenges of their chosen industries with confidence and clarity. Mentorship is a pivotal element in future career development, offering invaluable guidance, knowledge transfer, and […]

Study Abroad After 12th : All That You Ever Wanted to Know

study abroad after 12th

The dream to study abroad after 12th is largely common in school students these days. For sure, we live in a highly globalized world and education is becoming far more global. Well, it makes great sense that more and more students now aim to study at international universities. In a globalized world, the idea of […]

Business Programs for International Students in 2023

Keen on pursuing a course in business and management from abroad? Well, undoubtedly, more and more students are now moving to the USA, Canada, or the UK to pursue their higher education in business and management. For that matter, even Australia has become a top-tier destination for undergraduate and graduate courses in business.  Moreover, a […]

A Comprehensive Study in the UK Guide

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The United Kingdom has emerged as one of the top study abroad destinations. The nation is known for its academic excellence, globally recognized universities, culturally diverse environment, and highly skilled academic staff. Statistics indicate that the total number of students studying in the UK was 679,970 as of 2021-2022.  The UK is a preferred choice […]

A Comprehensive Study in Canada Guide

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Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the most beloved study-abroad destinations in the world especially when we talk about students from Asian countries. The highly appealing cosmopolitan and multicultural environment of Canada inspires innumerable study-abroad dreams. In fact, it is mind-boggling to know that in 2022 more than 550,000 international students were welcomed by Canada as […]