Soft Skills: The Ultimate Key To Professional Success 

students intense discussion with each other showing the importance of soft skills

What are soft skills? What is the buzz around soft skills? Why is professional success becoming so synonymous with soft skills in contemporary times? Indeed the term, soft skills is becoming a buzzword in the modern era whether for students or professionals. For jobs, careers and even university admissions in the modern era, you will […]

Study Abroad After 12th : All That You Ever Wanted to Know

study abroad after 12th

The dream to study abroad after 12th is largely common in school students these days. For sure, we live in a highly globalized world and education is becoming far more global. Well, it makes great sense that more and more students now aim to study at international universities. In a globalized world, the idea of […]

Business Programs for International Students in 2023

Keen on pursuing a course in business and management from abroad? Well, undoubtedly, more and more students are now moving to the USA, Canada, or the UK to pursue their higher education in business and management. For that matter, even Australia has become a top-tier destination for undergraduate and graduate courses in business.  Moreover, a […]

Why You Only Need A Trusted Overseas Education Consultant 

overseas education consultants

Keen to pursue your higher education in abroad? If you are a study abroad aspirant, the very first step towards your dream shall be to obtain genuine overseas guidance. It is a well-known fact that as the keenness for overseas education is immensely growing, so is the saga of misinformation about it. The real question […]

How to Effectively Decide Your Study Abroad Destination 

study in Australia

Pursuing higher education abroad has become a thriving trend in the contemporary world. Now that there is so much awareness of international studies, study abroad scholarships and student loan for abroad study, the number of international students is increasing exponentially. However, despite all the buzz around the idea of international studies, choosing the right study-abroad […]

How To Get Scholarships To Study In Australia

It is an irrefutable fact that Australia is emerging as one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations in the world. Given its multicultural environment, spectacular cities offering exuberant lifestyles, and a broad spectrum of prestigious universities, Australia attracts innumerable international students. Moreover, the fact that Australia offers great post-study work visa prospects amplifies its appeal […]

Top 10 Universities In The UK

university campus in United Kingdom

If the world was a classroom, the United Kingdom would certainly be one of the geekiest students in the classroom. Such is the academic legacy and excellence that the UK has to offer to the world. Having said that, it makes great sense why the world looks up to the education system of the United […]

Scholarships For International Students In UK

Are you looking for the most trusted career counsellor Chandigarh has? Do you have the ultimate dream to study in UK? One of the most popular places for Indian students to pursue education in abroad is the United Kingdom. Today, a sizable portion of students choose to pursue their higher education abroad and most of […]