All You Need To Know About Universities In IVY League

ivy league university

Hogwarts is fictional but Harvard is for real! In fact, Harvard University is one of the most popular universities in the world. But do you know the league of highly eminent universities Harvard belongs to? Well, if you aspire to study in the US, IVY League Institutions will be a familiar term already! That is […]

The Power of Mentorship : How it Shapes Successful Careers


In today’s competitive and fast-paced professional landscape, mentorship has emerged as a powerful tool for shaping successful careers. With the right guidance and support from experienced professionals, one can navigate the challenges of their chosen industries with confidence and clarity. Mentorship is a pivotal element in future career development, offering invaluable guidance, knowledge transfer, and […]

Higher Education Conclave 2023 : A Platform For Empowerment

With the third edition of our annual flagship event, Higher Education Conclave, the buzz is resonating in the town loud and clear. The inception of the event comes from the vision to make a real difference in the sector of tertiary education and bring all stakeholders together. When all international and national stakeholders in education […]

Study Abroad After 12th : All That You Ever Wanted to Know

study abroad after 12th

The dream to study abroad after 12th is largely common in school students these days. For sure, we live in a highly globalized world and education is becoming far more global. Well, it makes great sense that more and more students now aim to study at international universities. In a globalized world, the idea of […]