Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

A psychometric test, or an aptitude test, provides an insight into a student’s cognitive ability and indicates the potential of a candidate to excel in a particular position or career.


Psychometric testing takes various forms such as Numerical, Mechanical, Logical, Verbal, and Spatial, amongst others, and are intended to streamline the recruitment process to accurately reveal an applicant’s disposition.

These tests are fundamentally a set of physical and mental problems that intend and aid in understanding a person better. General examinations primarily focus on testing the learning capacity of a student but these specific tests focus on the mindset of a candidate. They address pertinent questions such as what talents and interests are hidden inside an individual or what are his abilities and skills.

Psychometric testing is very beneficial to students as they not only reveal cognitive capabilities but also point towards the correct vocational choices. These tests prove to be most advantageous to students who are on the verge of selecting their stream of studies or choosing careers they are interested in by carefully measuring their skills, talent and ability.

For example, the results of these tests can comprehensively inform a Grade 10 student about which stream (Medical or Non Medical Sciences, Commerce, Humanities etc.) is best for their future career keeping in mind factors such as interests, skills, and ability. Similarly, a Grade 12 student is also steered towards a more favourable choice for their tertiary education. Therefore, through these tests, students are able to recognise their potential and direct their energies towards fields of education and employment that match their capabilities, personalities and interests in a manner which is based on accurate and logical assessments.

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