Profile Building

Profile Building

Profile Building

Over time, universities, colleges and employers have raised the bar for their admission and entry criteria to such an extent where in certain cases only the very best are even able to make an application. These trends have greatly challenged students to improve their academic levels and in a time where GPAs and percentages are universally high, what often makes the difference between securing an admission and facing rejection, is the overall profile of a student.

Profile Building refers to engaging yourself in experiences and activities which develop your overall personality and skill set to distinctly set your application apart from other candidates.
To build an impressive profile or academic CV, profile building conducted through an efficient timeline is extremely important and requires effort, patience and planning.

Silver Fern Education Consultants assists and mentors students towards developing the most appropriate and well structured profile for university applications by providing a methodical annual timeline of activities. We help our students to engage themselves in activities such as community service, Olympiads, internship and job shadowing opportunities, international and domestic webinars and online courses. Our students, along with gaining an insight to their professional interests, also develop skills through personality development sessions conducted regularly. These sessions instil soft skills such as CV making, communication skills, profile enhancement, preparation for interviews and group discussions and coping with emotions.

Our program for a high school student to start building their profile would typically start between Grades 9 and 10 which is the perfect and correct time. On the other hand, students in Grade 11 would still have some time left to work on their profiles but a Grade 12 student would have little to no time to engage in subject specific activities and experiential learning but that should not stop you because it is better to initiate some form of profile enhancement than none at all. The activities our students participate in help them discover their potential and develop new skills.

Planning your application in the right way requires timely effort and execution. Following the systematic itinerary will surely help you define your career and strengthen your university application process for a better chance at being accepted at the institute of your choice.

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