Overseas College and University Applications

Overseas College and University Applications

Overseas College and University Applications

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, we aspire to provide Indian students access to the best education by helping them receive acceptances from the most prestigious universities across the globe. Overseas education will give students social and academic exposure to help them grow both personally and professionally.


Our first priority is always to be receptive to the preferences and individual requirements of a student therefore we take various factors such as the quality of education, long term goals, job viability, budget, cultural acceptance and diversity of a country, etc. into consideration while deciding on the universities and colleges to apply to for a particular student.

Our services are customised to give a streamlined direction to the higher education aspirations of a student. We at Silver Fern Education Consultants cater to various prominent academic destinations across the globe such as Canada, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai and Japan.

Our students have also received acceptances from some of the most premium institutes across the globe such as the University of British Columbia, Canada, University of Toronto, Canada, Group 8 universities in Australia and Ivy League universities in The United States of America etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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