Making Scholarship Application

Making Scholarship Application

Making Scholarship Application

The definition of ‘psychometric’ combines the words ‘psyche’ meaning ‘mind’, as well as the word ‘meter’ meaning ‘measure’. Therefore, Psychometrics in short means the measurement of the mind. Psychometric Testing is a way of measuring an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioural style.

A college-bound student’s path to success can be paved with the appropriate scholarship. Students who are awarded scholarships are provided with the necessary financial support and act as representatives of what the scholarship represents. Universities and colleges generally provide two types of scholarships; Merit based and Profile based. 

A psychometric test is a standardized test in which we measure the mental ability, interest, aptitude and personality of an individual.

These tests are fundamentally a set of physical and mental problems that intend and aid in understanding a person better. General examinations primarily focus on testing the learning capacity of a student but these specific tests focus on the mindset of a candidate. They address pertinent questions such as what talents and interests are hidden inside an individual or what are their abilities and skills.

On the basis of these tests we help the students in finding appropriate stream selection and career possibilities for the same.

For example, the results of these tests can comprehensively inform a Grade 10 student about which stream (Medical or Non Medical Sciences, Commerce, Humanities etc.) is best for their future career keeping in mind factors such as interests, skills, and ability. Similarly, a Grade 12 student is also steered towards a more favourable choice for their tertiary education. Therefore, through these tests, students are able to recognise their potential and direct their energies towards fields of education and employment that match their capabilities, personalities and interests in a manner which is based on accurate and logical assessments.

  1. Merit based scholarships are offered to qualified international applicants with outstanding academic achievements and test scores on relevant entrance exams. It does not require a separate application and is solely dependent on the average cut- off. Such scholarships are based on the academic performance of the student.
  2. Profile based scholarships are more competitive in nature and limited in number. It requires a separate application and a student needs an impressive CV which is capable of leaving a strong and a long lasting impact on the interviewer. Students with an impactful profile and academic achievements are eligible for profile based scholarships.

In monetary terms, merit based scholarships range between CAD $1, 000 – $20, 000 whereas the awarded amount is comparatively higher in profile based scholarships. Moreover, a student with a unique CV could expect a full tuition fee waiver.

Silver Fern Education Consultants plays a crucial role here. We assist and mentor students towards developing the most appropriate and well structured profile for university applications by providing a methodical annual timeline of activities. This not only helps the students to develop their soft skills but also allows them to understand themselves better. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced counsellors for the singular purpose of compiling the perfect scholarship application starting from the student’s understanding of the cause which the scholarship associates itself with to the prerequisites needed for a formal application. Previously, we have assisted students to successfully attain the following scholarships:

  1. International Major Entrance Scholarship & Outstanding International Student Award- The University of British Columbia- CAD $ 100000
  2. Brock Scholars Award- Brock University – CAD $ 10000
  3. Chancellor’s Entrance Scholarship- MacEwan University – CAD $ 10000
  4. University of Guelph Entrance Scholarship- University of Guelph- CAD $ 5500
  5. University of Victoria International Scholarship- University of Victoria – CAD $ 1000

 Hence, as you can see, we have both the experience and the foresight to help you avail the right scholarship opportunity for our students. To avail scholarships, apply as early as possible. T&C apply*