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It is an irrefutable fact that Australia is emerging as one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations in the world. Given its multicultural environment, spectacular cities offering exuberant lifestyles, and a broad spectrum of prestigious universities, Australia attracts innumerable international students. Moreover, the fact that Australia offers great post-study work visa prospects amplifies its appeal as an international study destination. 

All this put together makes Australia one of the top choices for Indian students and students from other countries. With a progressive education system and a host of eminent universities like the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and others, Australia offers a bright future to international students. In fact, the processing time for Australia study visa is also favorable for international students. 

However, apart from all these favorable factors, the availability of scholarships remains one of the biggest concerns for international students. Needless to say, scholarships of any magnitude negate a considerable part of tuition fees for international students. Simply put, scholarships make studying abroad all the more affordable. This explains why every student aspiring to pursue higher education from abroad aims for study abroad scholarships.

Contrary to that, the top universities in Australia are very selective in offering scholarships and only the best students make the cut. Top universities in Australia including the G8 universities and others; Curtin University, Griffith University, La Trobe University, and so on set the bar for scholarships very high. 

But if you have an exceptional profile and a charismatic personality that can add zest to any student community, your prospects for winning a scholarship to study in Australia will certainly be high. 

Eventually, the question is, what does it take to win scholarships for study abroad when we talk about Australia? How can you win a handsome scholarship to study in Australia and hence, allow your future to thrive? Well, this is exactly what this blog aims to answer. So, let us get started! 

How can you get a scholarship to study in Australia?

There are ample scholarships in Australia for Indian students for the taking. However, it is essential that you know what it takes to bag a lucrative scholarship from one of the top universities in Australia. So, let us find out. 

  1. Maintain consistency in academic excellence

Above all, academic excellence and consistency in excellence remain at the heart of the prospects for winning a scholarship. For merit-based scholarships for study abroad, it is significant that you maintain an exceptional academic record with great consistency.

Why would universities not want to grant scholarships to students who have academic excellence to flaunt in terms of their grades? Your grades at the high school level directly reflect your understanding of subject fundamentals and your competence to remain distinctly intellectual.

  1. Develop a multidimensional profile 

One thing is certain, universities are looking for students who have multifaceted personalities. They are keen to have students who can offer much more than just academic excellence. To substantiate, universities are on the lookout for individuals who can offer leadership skills, interpersonal skills, excellence in sports, critical thinking, and ample exposure to co-curricular activities.

Having said that, they are looking for versatile talents who offer a lot more than impressive academic records. In fact, this is exactly what profile-based scholarships are about. When you have a versatile profile exhibiting exemplary confidence, enormous participation in extracurricular events, and fine skills, you will be seen as a great value addition. You will be seen as someone who has a lot to offer to universities’ student communities.

In that case, you will have a great edge over others who may have very strong academics but no extracurricular exposure or acquired soft skills

The bottom line is that your profile should reflect your true interests and passions. For instance, you may be a very passionate graphic designer with a very creative mindset. So, rather than trying your hands at different extracurricular activities across domains, you should follow up with graphic designing in a persistent manner. Your area of interest or passion is what you should take forward and center your profile around.

  1. Engage in community service

Most countries are considerate of individuals’ community service engagement while offering admissions or scholarships. Community service assumes a lot more importance in the context of top universities as they look for individuals who can create a positive social impact.

So, this is for you to realize that your community service participation and initiatives do make a substantial difference when scholarship prospects are discussed. The more you have to talk about how you made a positive social difference the higher the chances of winning a scholarship.

One more thing that you need to know is that community service is not always about getting a certificate from an NGO. It could be something as simple as spending time at an old age home or serving as a volunteer in a clothes donation drive. It is not something you need to prove in terms of certificates but a genuine interest in engagement that you should reflect in your statement of purpose and interviews.

  1. Apply for all the scholarships you are eligible for 

Why limit your scholarship prospects to only two or three scholarship opportunities? If you are eligible for 10 scholarships, why not apply for all of them? The logic is simple, the more opportunities you apply to the higher the prospects of getting a substantial scholarship. Makes great sense, right? 

Well, this will also involve a great amount of research. You need to research all the scholarships that you are eligible for and then see if your profile matches the eligibility criteria. If it’s a go, why hold back?

5. Take expert help to apply for scholarships 

There may be an overwhelming checklist for scholarship applications and you definitely do not want even a single thing to go wrong. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional and expert help while applying for scholarships for study abroad. When you take expert help to apply for scholarships and admissions, there is no margin for error. This is where Silver Fern Education Consultants can offer incredible credibility! 

To encapsulate, Australia is a top study destination and the stakes are very high when it comes to getting a scholarship from one of the top-tier universities in Australia. So, in order to build competence and apply for the right scholarships at the right time, the above tips would surely be of great help. Good luck! 

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