Essential Things To Keep In Mind While Living in Canada

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Canada, the second largest country in the world in terms of area is a global hotspot of different cultures blending into each other to create an enchanting multicultural environment. People from all parts of the world, especially from Asian countries aspire to spend the rest of their lives in Canada because of its acceptance of […]


Students studying abroad

When preparing to study abroad, one must be well-prepared. Their journey will go without a hitch, allowing them to focus on their academics effectively. Studying abroad has the power to change a person’s life. It offers students the chance to develop global competencies, find out who they are, and discover a new culture.  Studying abroad […]

Types of Universities in Australia

As an academic destination, Australia is globally recognized for its quality education system as well as providing extensive knowledge to both domestic and international students. Learning in the nation is not only limited to passing examinations but understanding the very basics of contexts and applying practical knowledge to respective fields in a relevant and coherent […]

Scholarships For International Students In UK

Are you looking for the most trusted career counsellor Chandigarh has? Do you have the ultimate dream to study in UK? One of the most popular places for Indian students to pursue education in abroad is the United Kingdom. Today, a sizable portion of students choose to pursue their higher education abroad and most of […]

How To Write An Effective SOP

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The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a critical part of the application process that can make or break your chances of getting accepted into a Universities/Colleges. SOP  is a document that is written by students while applying at various Universities/Colleges across the world. It highlights a student’s academic and professional accomplishments. SOP is a ticket […]


students studying abroad

Studying abroad has the potential to change the lives of the students. It may not be as easy as it seems. It can be difficult to leave behind your familiar surroundings, loved ones and home. However, there are countless benefits of studying abroad. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks, from improved educational and research opportunities to […]

FAQs on Studying in Canada

Over the past decade, Canada has emerged as the most popular academic destination for students from across the world primarily due to its quality of education, reasonable visa regulations and value for money. Canada’s government has implemented numerous regulations and policies to streamline the ease of education for international students. Indian students in particular have […]


Part Time Job of Waitress poring coffee into the mug

  The nature of work in Australia, whether full time or part time, is such that once employed, an individual can cover a number of costs due to the equality of pay and compensation for hard work that the country has imbibed as a professional ethos. However, for the purpose of this blog, we will […]

10 things Students should check before studying Overseas

10 things Students should check before studying Overseas

A student mulls upon various circumstances before studying overseas. Embarking on an unknown road, they often find themselves searching for the right options. For most students, the idea of studying in a foreign land can be a little daunting. Silver Fern Education Consultants is at your service to eliminate all your doubts about what to […]