Career Counselling and Mentorship

Career Counselling and Mentorship

Career Counselling and Mentorship

After the results of Grade 10 are released, there is one common question that strikes the mind of every student and parent; “What is next after 10 th – Science, Commerce or Humanities?” This is a common confusion which most students face.


Every field has its own set of strengths and weaknesses alongside various career opportunities. However, choosing the most appropriate stream according to a student’s interests must be the central concern.

  • So, how exactly do you decide what to do after 10th?
  • Should you select the most universally accepted stream of Science?
  • Should you opt for Commerce?
  • Or should you take up the unconventional stream of Humanities?
  • Which educational board should you choose?

Our career counsellors advise students on which career will be suitable for them according to their interests and skills and also the relevant scope of a particular vocation in the future. We conduct Psychometric Tests through which students can accurately make academic decisions depending upon reliable data while also providing counsellors applicable information to best guide a student.

During the process of career counselling, parents are also informed about the importance of these tests. They often realize that through rational testing, a child’s interests, talents and skills are revealed thus enabling them to take the most suitable path for their higher education.

Frequently Asked Questions

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