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If you are planning to pursue your higher education in Australia, this blog is for you. For everyone intending to study in Australia, the new Genuine Student (GS) Requirement is important to know.

As per the new Australian student visa norms, the government has replaced the GTE requirements with the GS requirements. This change is applicable with effect from March 23, 2024. 

Of course, this may seem a little confusing at first. However, there is nothing to worry about! We will tell you all about the new GS requirement to study in Australia and how it is different from the GTE requirements. So, let us delve deep into it without further ado. 

An Insight Into The Backdrop 

I am sure if you followed your plan to study in Australia keenly, GTE would be a term quite familiar to you. To understand the difference between GTE and GS requirements, it is vital to have a basic understanding of GTE. Previously, international students applying to study in Australia had to complete their GTE assessments for a study visa.

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement was a tool to ensure that students have genuine intentions to pursue quality education. Speaking of quality education, Australia is home to a broad spectrum of globally renowned premier institutions. The University of Sydney, Monash University, and Australian National University are to name a few. 

The GTE assessment for an Australian study visa included the following elements.

  1. A questionnaire 

  2. A statement of 300 words 

  3. Interview (in some cases) 

Here, it is important to mention that GTE was not only confined to the above inclusions. The essential purpose of GTE was to run a financial check for visa evaluation purposes through relevant means. Australia as a study abroad destination is very categoric about checking applicants’ financial background. 

What is the GS Requirement and What Changed? 

What has changed from GTE requirements to GS requirements is that students no longer need to submit the 300 word statement. As per the new GS requirements, the statement of 300 words is no longer a prerequisite for study visa applications. 

To elaborate, instead of a 300 word statement, the Genuine Student assessment includes a set of targeted or specific questions. 

Another thing that has changed is that, unlike GTE requirements, the GS requirements do not seek an intent to exit Australia. To substantiate, under GS requirements, candidates no longer need to prove their intent to leave Australia upon completion of studies.

Rather, the prospects of clearing GS requirements are higher if a student enrolls in a program after which they can stay and contribute to the Australian economy. This is an important development that every individual wanting to study in Australia must keep in mind. 

What Kind of Questions Does The GS Assessment Include? 

Now that we have told you that the GS assessment includes specific questions, we must also give you an overview of these questions. The questions included in the GS assessment for Australian student visa applicants are aimed at a highly personalized assessment. The whole idea behind replacing GTE requirements with GS is to bring greater clarity to candidates’ evaluations. 

Here, the term assessment is concerned with the applicants’ intent, financial well-being and circumstances. 

Some of the questions included in the GS assessment are listed below. 

  • The applicant must provide specific information and details regarding finances, family, employment and community. 

  • The applicant applying to study in Australia must explain why they chose a certain course to pursue and why they selected Australia for higher education. 

  • The applicant must provide an explanation of how the course of interest will facilitate the student in career advancement. 

  • The student must provide details of education history in Australia if applicable 

  • In case an applicant holds a different type of visa, the candidate must explain why are they applying for a student visa. 

So, these are the questions that matter the most to Genuine Study Requirements in Australia.

Needless to say, Australia is a booming study abroad destination and also a prosperous economy. For international students, top universities in Australia offer a plethora of opportunities to rise and shine. 

However, as a study abroad destination, Australia is also quite dynamic in terms of its study visa and immigration norms. There are quite a few changes that have transpired in recent times and some changes are forthcoming. 

Therefore, if you wish to study in Australia, staying up to date with the latest developments is vital. Moreover, sometimes, you may need professional advice and assistance to succeed in your study abroad dreams. We are the experts, available for you round the clock. 

Connect to our expert Australian counselors now! 


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