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Can I apply for Permanent Residency abroad after finishing the course?

Some countries provide international students with this privilege after meeting with certain requirements. Contact your counselor at Silver Fern for more details.

Would I find placement after I finish this course?

Australia and New Zealand Student visa allows clear pathways to immigration for overseas students who obtain a qualification in demand. You can apply for a two year work permit in UK, Ireland and New Zealand after finishing your course. In Canada you can apply for a one year work permit after finishing the course.

What kinds of visa assistance do you provide?

Currently, we provide assistance regarding study visa only.

What do I need for getting a visa?

For getting a study visa, first of all you need an offer from a college/university, and the following documents: a statement of purpose, a valid passport, financial proofs, notarized copies and original academic transcripts, English test score, medical reports (if required), letter of recommendation (if any). For more details, contact your counselor at Silver Fern.

What help can you offer for getting a visa?

Our team of experienced professionals carefully monitors the visa documentation, ensuring that all the documents are genuine and appropriate.

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